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  • Can I get a custom length lead?
    Absolutey! Simply pop us a message with you requirements and we can work together to provide you with what you need.
  • What are your products made from?
    Our leads, collars and Lanyards are made from PPM. The Whipping material is Paracord. Both PPM and Paracord are high quality weather resistant material with low weight and a high breaking load.
  • Do you accept custom orders?
    All our rope products are fully customisable. However if you can't see what you want, let us know!
  • How do I clean my lead and Collar?
    Our rope products can be cleaned with a damp cloth, gentle handwashing only and leave to dry. We do not reccommend cleaning in a washing Machine/Tumble Dryer as this may damage the product and tarnish the hardware. ADW does not accept any responsibility for any damage occured from using a washing machine or other cleaning products.
  • Do you accept returns?
    We will only return and refund and ADW product if it is faulty or damaged upon arrival. We do not accept returns on a product which has been damaged through incorrect cleaning and/or misuse. ADW does not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury caused by misuse, including but not limited to excessive pulling or incorret cleaning. Always check the produt is intact and in working order before use.
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