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How to incorporate food based enrichment into your life - Easy enrichment for dogs

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Written by Kirstie Dent for ADW Gundog Supplies

What does enrichment do for dogs?

The purpose of enrichment is to reduce stress in dogs and to reinforce socialisation practices. Providing a dog with enrichment allows the animal to have a sense of control over their environment, which can help to reduce and avoid stress.

One type of enrichment is through enrichment toys. Toys such as KONG® or LickiMat® have become a must have item for dogs in recent years!

Whilst it may seem overwhelming at first, seeing fancy creations on Instagram or the sheer volume of different toys on the market, it doesn’t need to be so complicated.

After all, your dog is only interested in getting those yummy treats, not what it looks like!

So, by now you are probably wondering how to make a tasty enrichment treat for your pooch? I have come up with an order that I tend to use ingredients in to make it more engaging for your dog!

First start with the food! This could be fish, chicken, kibble etc. If you are trying to keep calories low we often use a portion of their daily food allowance.

Next, I add veg or fruit. Remmi’s favourites are Carrots or Blueberries! Always check that the fruit or veg is dog safe before using this.

The “licky” stuff is always on top! Natural/Kefir yoghurt or peanut butter for example is a good choice!

Grab your dog’s favourite chew/treats/biscuit for the topping!

My personal fave for a topping is fruit and veg bones, peanut butter twist or even the peanut butter turtles. Not only are they a natural tasty treat, they are pretty cute and “Instagram photo" worthy too!

The reason I use this order for stuffing a toy is simple.. it's easy for me and most importantly easy for my dog, enrichment needs to be fun not frustrating. Using loose treats first and ‘licky’ stuff last is a perfect balance.

Once frozen your dog can enjoy their tasty topping then lick away. By the time they have done this the ‘loose’ treats would have defrosted a bit making it easier for your dog to get them out without being annoyed that they are frozen and stuck.

There you have our tips for a perfect easy enrichment treat!

We would love to see you give this a go! Don’t forget to tag @remmi_the_weimaraner and @adw_gundogsupplies in your creations.

Disclaimer **Always check with your vet before introducing new foods to your dog**

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