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Is there a correct way to put on your new slip lead?

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

By ADW Gundog Supplies

So you’ve decided to purchase your first slip lead but have questions on the right way to put it on. Well the good news is you are most certainly not alone.

Slip leads are a fantastic tool that will help both you and your dog on your training journey together, however we understand that fitting one for the first time can be a little daunting so get yourself comfy and LETS GET STARTED.

So first up, YES there is a right and wrong way to fit your new slip lead and it starts by deciding whether you want your dog on the left or the right hand side of you when you walk.

Hold your slip lead out in front of you, holding onto the neck loop, Now as it hangs freely it will either form a P or a 9.

If you want to walk your dog on your left then you need the lead to form the shape of the letter P, and on the right it will be a number 9.

This decision is really important as the lead will not release or 'slip' as intended and can be dangerous for the dog. For example you walk the dog on your left with the lead in the 9 position it will not release when tightened, and vice versa for the right and the letter P.

OK, You’ve decided to walk your dog on your left and you have your letter P, now stand directly in front of your dog and place it over the head. Position the slip lead at the top of your dogs neck just behind the ears. This area creates maximum comfort for the dog and control for yourself.

Once in place move the stopper to secure the leash. Always making sure that you can get your fingers under it. We want to be able to apply pressure when needed and we don’t want the slip lead to slide off.

Now you have your slip lead fitted properly, start with short training sessions allowing both you and your dog to get used to it.

Benefits of using a slip lead

· Slip leads are great way of communicating with your dog during your training.

· Incredibly versatile when used correctly.

· They are quick and convenient to take on and off.

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