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What it's like to train a spaniel as a gundog and why I chose them.

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

A genuine and honest opinion of Jodie from Liverarch Gundogs as to why spaniels are a fantastic breed to work with when it comes to gundog training.

is a spaniel a good gundog
what's it like to train a spaniel

People say labs are born half trained and spaniels die half trained. Personally I disagree, They have drive, energy and they want to please! Instead of working against these traits, I work with them.

I chose spaniels because that energy is something I love. Imagine being that high on life! We have three spaniels and everyday I get comments like "You've got your hands full there" and I love it because I adore their drive and their ability to learn! I'll ask them to do something and they'll only every ask how many times over.

They are all different when it comes to training. The amount I have learnt from each individual is insane and I've got them to thank for my knowledge today. I will never be without a spaniel now, They are my heart dog.

Written by Jodie Devine

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