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What's your go to dummy for water training with your gundog?

labrador exiting the water after a retrieve

Introduction: When it comes to water training for your gundog, having the right tools can greatly enhance the experience and results. While the water dummy is the go-to choice for many, there are other options available that offer unique benefits. In this blog post we'll explore some popular choices for gundog water training, including the water dummy, the lifelike bird replica, and the versatile canvas dummy. Whether you're a seasoned trainer or a

beginner, there's something for everyone. Let's dive in and find your perfect gundog water training tool!

spaniel swimming with a water dummy making a retrieve

1. Water Dummy: The Classic Choice The water dummy is a tried-and-true tool for water-based training. Designed specifically for use in water, it features an easy-grip texture that encourages dogs to adopt a soft grip while retrieving. With its buoyancy and high visibility, the water dummy is an excellent option for teaching your dog proper retrieval techniques. It's a versatile choice suitable for dogs of all skill levels.

spaniel practicing retrieving game birds from the water

2. Lifelike Bird Replicas: Realism at its best for simulation training on water, many trainers opt for lifelike bird replicas. Brands like the Dog & Field Original Clone Range and the Dead Bird range from Sporting Saint offer visually lifelike replicas that closely resemble the size and movement of actual birds. These replicas provide a realistic training experience, helping your dog develop skills specific to bird retrieval. They are ideal for honing your dog's instincts and preparing them for real hunting scenarios.

3. Canvas Dummies: The unsung heroes often overlooked, canvas dummies are an excellent choice for water retrieve training. They come in various colors and weights, allowing you to customize the training experience according to your dog's needs and skill level. With their durability and water resistance, canvas dummies withstand repeated use in different water conditions. These dummies offer versatility and affordability, making them a popular option among trainers.

spaniel swimming with a canvas dummy making a water retrieve

Conclusion: When it comes to water training, the water dummy remains a top choice due to its easy grip texture and ability to encourage a soft grip while retrieving. However, it's worth exploring other options like lifelike bird replicas for simulation training or canvas dummies for their versatility and durability. Ultimately, the perfect water training tool depends on your dog's needs and your training goals. So, go ahead and choose the tool that best suits your canine companion, and enjoy the journey of enhancing their water retrieval skills!

Always check if the dummy is safe for use in water before throwing it in!

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