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ADW 1/2lb Canvas Dummy

The ADW 1/2lb dummy is the new to our range. With it's throwing toggle and longer than industry standard body make these ideal for dogs of all capabilites.


Available currently in Light Green with more colour options coming soon.


Caution: Dummies aren't toys and are not intended for playing and dragging! Dummy substitutes the training game and its purpose is to train retrieving and hunt practice. Do not leave your dog unattended with the dummy and do not let him to chew it.If the dummies are wet after training, leave them to dry freely in air, not in direct sunlight. These dummies are from water resistant canvas but are not designed to be used in high volumes of water.To avoid a possible injury to you and your dog, check the status of your training equipment regularly, and if you find out any damage, do not use them.

ADW 1/2lb Canvas Dummy

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