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The ADW 8mm Heeling Lead with Ball End


The ADW Heeling Lead - With our new and improved high grip ball


Now available in 2 lengths




Looking for an easy and convenient way to train your furry companion to heel? Look no further than ADW Gundog Supplies' Heeling Lead! This lead is designed for easy handling and picking up when required. Keep your dog close during training, and when you're ready to let them go, simply drop the lead, and it will hang around your dog's neck until needed again. Plus, this training aid folds to fit in your pocket for ultimate portability! Featuring a rope knot stopper (in black), the Heeling Lead is a must-have accessory for any gundog owner looking to improve their training game. Order now and experience the difference that ADW Gundog Supplies can make for you and your furry companion.




All of our rope items are handmade to order, So please allow 7 working days before shipping.

The ADW 8mm Heeling Lead with Ball End


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