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Cold Game Wrap - Sporting Saint

The cold game wrap was designed by Holly-Jane Howell of Russetpeak Gundogs, also known for their @walkieswith_freya account on Instagram. 

The wrap originated from a common challenge as a novice gundog handler, for which the cold game wrap has been a transformational solution. 

Dogs to learn a central hold from a young age on game.

To give dogs a hold target for their retrieve that will help them to balance the weight of the bird in their mouth.

To build dogs' confidence on cold game.

Dogs to transition from canvas to fur and feather in a gradual way, whilst still ensuring exposure to cold game.

To brace the wings to build dogs confidence as they learn how to effectively hold game (the wrap can go over or under wings).

To support dogs to be soft mouthed on game, unlike tights/stocking material that dogs can easily prick. 

Width approx. 4", Length approx. 18" - For use on all Game Birds.  

Cold Game Wrap - Sporting Saint


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